Mirror Image offers a high-powered 58 tube vertical tanning unit with a private changing room. You'll need fewer minutes to achieve a great tan than you would with many other sunbeds.
*** Recently retubed with Rainbow lamps ***
You can pay as you tan or save money and buy a course.

Pay as you go tan ( Just 70p a minute ) Courses ( As little as 50p per minute )
4 mins £ 2.80  
6 mins £ 4.20 36 mins £ 23.40
8 mins £ 5.60 48 mins £ 28.80
10 mins £ 7.00 60 mins £ 33.00
12 mins £ 8.40 100 mins £ 50.00
We also stock a range of tanning accelerators to maximise your tanning minutes and keep your skin soft and hydrated.

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Enjoy free WiFi whilst in the salon.

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  • Browse the internet
  • Look at the extensive range of hair styles
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We are currently recruiting for full or part-time Experienced Hair Stylists.

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